San Juan del Sur, Beautiful Fishermen´s Village

San Juan del Sur’s setting makes it the premier costal town of Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur’s setting makes it the premier costal town of Nicaragua. Formerly a thriving fishing village, it now caters for tourism in addition to the surviving fishing activity, attracting local and foreign visitors, cruise ships, and yachts.

San Juan del Sur is the perfect spot for a sun and sea vacation for those who enjoy mixing up with local community and learn about its way of living.

San Juan del Sur houses small and modern hotels offering many activities for travelers. Its deep blue waters harbour a great variety of sword fish and many other species. It is a perfect place for sport fishing.

After a day on the sea you can have dinner below the stars in one of the many restaurants in town, enjoying the nocturnal sea breeze. Next to San Juan del Sur are located the following beaches: La Flor and Chacocente are two of the seven wildlife refuges in the world left for nesting of the see turtle. From July to January thousands of see turtles arrive to these beaches to lay their eggs. It is important to know that these two beaches have some restrictions because they are protected areas.

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