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Managua, capital of Nicaragua, is a vibrant city growing and developing very fast. Managua is situated on the south shores of lake Managua and around the stunning Tiscapa Lagoon.

If you walk alongside the Bolivar Avenue you will find Managua’s Cultural Center. You may visit the Central Park, La Plaza de la Fe, the old and outstanding ruins of Santiago’s Cathedral to the east, the National Palace of Culture to the south and to the north the new Presidential House, today also known as “People’s House”.

You can also visit the National Museum, the national library, the newspaper and magazine library and other cultural institutions.

The Ruben Dario National Theatre named after the greatest poet of Latin America; this modern construction is located between Plaza de la Fe and Lake Managua. Here you can also come across a splendid fountain engraved in marble and decorated with Ruben Dario and Simon Bolivar’s statues, as well as the Peace Park with its imposing obelisk.

Acahualinca Foot Prints is also an educative and interesting museum that you should visit. This is the most important archaeological site in Nicaragua due to its antiquity. They were discovered in 1874 and are considered to be between 6.000 and 10,000 years old, representing the oldest evidence of humans in Nicaragua, Central and Latin America.

Visit La Loma de Tiscapa and enjoy a great view of Managua and its neighboring volcanoes. On the southern part of the Tiscapa lagoon is located Ruben Dario’s Avenue that will take you to the new Cathedral, La Purisima Concepcion, the last Cathedral built in the XX century.

Other sites to visit in Managua are its colorful markets as Mercado Huembes with its permanent exposition of selective craftsmanship and pottery. There are two famous festivals that make the city vibrate: the Managua Carnival in March and the Agostinas Fiestas that take place in August and are known as Fiestas Agostinas and finally on December one may enjoy the festive celebrations that take place in honor to the Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception called “La Griteria”.


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  • I just returned from Nicaragua and wanted to tell you that both tours that we went on were fabulous! (Masaya volcano tour and "a day at the beach")- the tour guide Jimmy was very knowledgable and fun! And the bus driver Roger was also really good (calm & courteous drive)....We had a great time learning about the culture while enjoying the beautiful country. Please pass this on so Jimmy and Roger get 'kudos' from their manager! Best regards,-- Lisa Rothgeb | Senior Technical Designer - SWAT

  • I had booked online from the US 4 different one-day tours to different places in Nicaragua with Gray Line Managua and I have been very satisfied. Even though I had booked group tours, I found out I was the only passenger so I benefited of my own driver an tour guide for personalized tours during the whole 4 tours for the same price and was glad my tours were not canceled. Both tour guides were very professional, showing up on (or even before) time and attentive to all my desires, making all the changes to the program I wanted.

  • I was in Nicaragua last week, traveling with Rosemary McClure of the Los Angeles Times. David Rosales was our tour guide. He is a remarkable combination -- professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful, insightful, flexible, fluent in English, and fun to be with. You have a winner there. He is an excellent tour guide. We also appreciated Roger, our driver, who was always on time, flexible, courteous and a very good driver. I suspect they are your very best employees. Thank you for assigning us your very best.-- Marty


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